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The Process


If you're reading this page, you either applied to join our team or you're about to. Our process is simple but thorough. Here’s what you can expect. 


You can easily apply via LinkedIn — we always publish our ads on our company page — or via our Careers page.


We keep our ads running for one to two weeks. Once the application period is over we'll run a qualification process. Three things may happen.

If we think you're a good match, we'll move you to the next round. You'll receive an email with instructions.

If we think you might be better suited for a different position, or perhaps for another upcoming opening, we'll touch base to let you know and see if you're interested.

If for any reason we don't think it will work, we'll let you know ASAP.


Culture fit

When you make it to the second round, you'll receive an invite to an online assessment via TestGorilla.

Heads up:

  • The test takes roughly 35 to 50 minutes, depending on how fast you are.
  • The test is entirely in English.
  • It's better suited for a desktop computer.
  • You may be asked to turn on the webcam and complete a survey for demographic purposes. Both are completely optional. We will never, under any circumstances, see your answers to the survey. We don't care about your age, nationality, race or gender. The survey is for TestGorilla and we suggest you skip it.

You won't see the test results, and we won't share them. Just know that you need a score of 70% or above in order to move to the next step.

Technical assessment

If you make it to the third round, things are looking great! We'll invite you to a technical assessment session. The duration, complexity and process depends on the position you applied to. You'll receive clear instructions via email with everything you need. 

Heads up:

  • These tests always come with a deadline. If you can't make it please answer the invitation and let us know.
  • Make sure you follow the instructions and stick to the time limits.


Screening interview

We already know we like you, you kick ass and you're interested. It's time to meet. You'll sit down with our Director of Operations for a brief 15-minute call.


  • Part of the interview will take place in English (Spanish if you're a native English speaker). Be ready!
  • Do your homework. Check out our brands, work, experience and websites.
  • Avoid the pre-cooked generic responses you know recruiters want to hear. Be yourself. We'll do our best to ask smart questions.

Team interview

Oh my. This is big. You're about to meet the gang.

We'll invite you to a call with your future colleagues. This is an informal chat about our craft, and it's a two-way interview. You'll be free to ask anything. Our people, processes, clients. Warts and all. The team will ask you about your skills, experience, hobbies, and passions, who you look up to or what you want to be when you grow up.


These are the people you'll work with every day. Be open and honest. We promise we'll reciprocate. 

Meet the founders

Well, I don't want to get your hopes up but if you made it this far you're in a group of not more than three candidates. Time to make a decision!
No big tips here. We know you rock. Whatever we decide is going to be a close call. This will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


The process should take approximately one month, end to end. It’s a ballpark estimate, as it may vary depending on the position. We know it's thorough, but we promise it works. The entire journey should take about five hours.

You can reach out to us if you have feedback, technical issues, questions or concerns of any kind. Drop us a line at hello@onetotem.com.

Thank you!


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